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What is TRIP?

TRIP is a program in which you purchase gift certificates to stores and restaurants that participate in the program. The gift certificates are purchased at a discount, which vary by retailer. These discounts are passed on to you to reduce your tuition.

TRIP is a different way of paying for your purchases. It involves planning ahead more carefully for future purchases and buying gift certificates to pay for them. But remember, the family that benefits is yours! If you get other family members involved, you can save even more on YOUR TUITION ACCOUNT.

TRIP is easy to participate in, and you benefit because the TRIP credit you have earned lowers YOUR tuition. It can be used to offset your own tuition (Preschool, SMART, or annual prepay), the tuition of another family, donate it back to Corpus Christi or receive a cash rebate.

Orders are placed on-line at http://www.shopwithscrip.com by 8:30 on Monday mornings.

We look forward to processing your TRIP order. If you are ready to get started... 

A.  Go to http://www.shopwithscrip.com and register your account.  See instructions in PDF file below.   Please read the entire pdf document for important TRIP policies and procedures.

B.  Once you've created your account with Shop With Scrip, you will need to fill out a Registration and Program Agreement Form and return it to the school office (also found in the pdf file).

C. Set up your Presto Pay account.  See instructions in PDF file below.

Questions? Please get in touch with our school office for program coordinator contact information. You may also visit the Shop With Scrip website at http://www.shopwithscrip.com. Download PDF