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Early Childhood
Corpus Christi Catholic School’s Early Childhood Programs include Preschool and Enrichment opportunities for children ages 3 to young 5’s.  

We believe that children learn best when they feel physically and emotionally safe and secure; when they have opportunities to work individually as well as in small and large groups; when they feel self-confident; and when activities are developmentally appropriate for each child’s unique learning style.  Blending non-academic and academic experiences for these young students, our programs are designed to encourage their development in faith, social/emotional growth, and motor skills as well as introducing them to language skills, reading and math readiness, and science and social studies.  


Our Preschool programs provide half-day sessions, with twice-weekly sessions for three year olds and four year olds meeting three days each week.  

Curriculum Components:
  • Creative Curriculum – teaching strategies for planning, implementing, and assessing in an early childhood environment
  • Zoo -phonics- language arts (phonics, pre-reading and writing)
  • Touch Math - multi-sensory math readiness
  • God Made Everything – religion series

Tuition assistance available from Ready for School.  See the application below.

Great Start Readiness Program -
Corpus Christi is now offering a preschool, tuition free program for qualifying four year olds offered four full days a week.  Contact the school office (616-796-2320) for applications and more information.


Preschool Enrichment is designed for children ages 3-5 for families that desire additional pre-school days beyond the traditional pre-school schedule.  
Spanish Enrichment - Our Spanish Enrichment is a play based language acquisition class that meets Mon/Wed/Fri.


We would love to have your child join us for the upcoming school year.  Please find our registration form and the Ready for School scholarship application linked below.  For more information about our programs or if you have questions about the registration process, contact Amy Plackowski , Director of Early Childhood Programs, via email or the school office. Download PDF